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Lynn's first Black Experience

Lynn?s first Black Experience
By: floridaguy2001 (

Lynn's first Black Experience

My name is Snapp and I am your not so typical husband, I would like my wife to take on a black lover, I am just not sure how to go about it, I have dreamed about it for years until it just happened recently, so here is her story. Lynn my wife is 48; she is 5'4" with 38D breasts. She has long brown hair and beautiful bedroom eyes.

She's your typical lady on the streets, wild woman between the sheets. She has never "stepped out" on me, at least I am not aware if she did. I work out of town a lot. I have been doing this for about 5 year now. When I first started working out of town, I gave her the option of finding a part-time lover to keep her occupied while I was gone, telling her it would be alright, as long as she told me the details afterward.

Regardless, she never did take a lover in all those years, saying she would have no problem waiting until I got home twice a month. I believe her when she says she was faithful, she's just that kind of girl. But, now that I have been home more, we sometimes talk about her hooking up with another guy so I can watch. She says she still doesn't think she could do it but at least we are talking about it.

Like other couples I have read about, we watch porn DVD's and we talk about her getting a lover, lately I've been getting more porn with mostly black guys doing mature women like her, she seems to enjoy those a lot more, the sex is amazing afterwards, she turns into this wild animal in bed. I can only imagine she is daydreaming about getting fucked by a big black cock.

One of my best friends is black, his name is Desmond, and he hangs out with us all the time, mostly on Friday and Saturday nights. Lynn usually runs around the house with an old tank-top that she has cut the bottom 8" off so that it just barely covers the bottom of her tits (she goes bra-less most of the time) and a very short skirt that is so old, you can see thru it if you're at the right angle. She never wears panties. I have mentioned flashing him a short shot of her shaved pussy and firm melons, but she just laughs and says maybe one of these days.

Desmond is about 6' very muscular build with dreadlocks and what appears to be a very sizeable cock from the bulge in his pants. He is a computer guru he knows how to diagnose and repair, that's his business right now. She has told me that she thinks that he is very good-looking. So most of my fantasies usually involve her fucking Desmond, and I am sure her fantasies include him as well.

There has been many a times that Desmond is over and we have hung out at my house and I have caught him stealing glances at Lynn, admiring her ass when she bends over in her short skirt, I can tell he wants to fuck her because his bulge grows beyond belief. I just have to figure out a way to make it happen.

One day Desmond called me and asked me to help him move, his Jeep was in the shop and he had to be out this weekend from his apartment and into a new one. Of course I said no problem and even volunteered Lynn's services.

I drive a '99 Chevy Z-71 extended cab truck so when I went to Desmond's apartment we loaded up the truck to the max, the truck was so full that there was only room for two in the cab, so we decided that Lynn would sit on Desmond's Lap.

What I have neglected to tell you was that Lynn was wearing a very short skirt and I got a thrill thinking about her sitting on Desmond's lap, as we pulled away and started to drive I was disappointed because I could not see anything, the truck was so full there were boxes stacked between us and all I could see of Lynn was from the chest up.

Then I realized I could get a pretty good look from my side mirror, I have one of those small mirrors attached to the larger mirror that increases the view, so I adjusted the mirror toward the inside of the cab, and it wasn't perfect but I had a better look of what was going on, which at the moment was not much. But as we left his apartment complex, we had to go over some speed bumps and I am sure that every time we hit a bump his cock would grow. At this point I am going to let Lynn tell her side of the story.

So as Snapp mentioned we were going to help Desmond move and when I realized I was going to be sitting on Desmond's lap I was a little apprehensive and excited at the same time because I was wearing a very short skirt and I never wear panties. I have flirted over the years with Desmond but was never this close to the man and I wasn't sure how I was going to handle sitting on his lap.

So anyway Desmond got in the truck and I sat on his lap and right away I could feel his bulge, as Snapp drove out of the parking lot I felt his bulge grow every time we went over a speed bump. I could feel it growing and it felt huge. I could tell Desmond was getting excited because his breathing was heavier.

On the way to his new place there was road construction going on and the ride was a bit rough, which in my eyes was perfect because I could enjoy the bulge I was sitting on while acting all innocent. Every bump in the road was a direct hit to my pussy and I was very wet, so wet that I am sure I was leaving juices on Desmond's shorts.

The bouncing of the seat caused his cock to glide back and forth over my lips and when we hit a big bump it would drive his cock into my pussy, only his shorts prevented him from entering me.

Slowly and almost imperceptibly I felt Desmond moving his hips and I could feel his cock pushing against my pussy. Oh my god, it felt so good that I had to push back, he realized I was enjoying it and put his hands on my legs and slowly started to caress them, moving them up and under my skirt, so his fingers were near my pussy.

I was lost in the moment and didn't realize that Snapp was pulling into a gas station. I composed myself and told the men I was going to the bathroom. As I entered the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and I was flushed. I just kept staring at myself not believing what was happening.

Finally I went back to the truck and the guys were waiting for me, when I got into the truck, I looked down and noticed that Desmond had unzipped his shorts and I saw a humongous cock staring at me. What was I suppose to do, at this point I didn't want to make a scene and alert my husband so I sat down on Desmond's lap and immediately felt the heat of his cock near my lips.

Thank God my husband couldn't see anything because of the boxes in the way. Desmond picked right up where he left off and his hands were back to caressing my pussy and the next time we hit a bump he lifted me off his lap and when I landed, his cock was wedged between my lips and I felt the head of his cock enter my pussy.

He was so huge I let out a small gasp, Snapp looked at me and I mumbled something about a big bump caught me off guard, but it was not a bump, it was a huge black cock slipping deeper inside my pussy. Desmond was slowly fucking me, I could feel his cock deep inside me and I was stretched to the max, I never dreamed fucking anyone besides my husband but now that it happened, I can't believe I waited this long. If Snapp only knew what was going on sitting right next to him.

Just as I was starting to get use to it, we arrived at Desmond's new place and I had to withdraw from that amazing cock, the rest of the day was uneventful, we helped him move and I never got another opportunity to feel that black snake.

So Lynn thinks I have no idea what was going on, but knowing her all these years I know when that woman is horny, and from what I could see in the mirror I am pretty sure my wife had some cock in her, I was overjoyed but felt sort of empty, my dream was to watch her get fucked and this is not exactly what I had imagined, so I decided to set a plan in motion where I could watch her fucking Desmond, and neither one would know I was there.

Since I do travel in my work quite a bit I called one day and told Lynn to invite Desmond over the day I was getting back so we could all have dinner, I told her I would be arriving around 7pm and to tell Desmond to be there around the same time so we could all have a nice evening hanging out. I asked her to please wear something sexy, I told her I knew nothing would come of it but I like to see Desmond get teased.

In reality I had already arrived back in town and waited till my wife went out, I carefully adjusted the blinds in the living room and bedroom along with cracking open the curtains in the bedroom so I can sneak back to the home and peer through the window and get a good look. I also cracked the window so I could also hear what was going on.

I then left again and waited for Lynn and Desmond to arrive, my wife came home first and she got ready for the evening, I peaked through the window and saw her putting on a very sexy outfit, black stocking and garter with a very short skirt, that barely covered her cheeks and a tank top that barely covered her tits. She looked fantastic and at that moment I realized my dream was coming through, finally I was going to watch her get fucked and she had no clue.

I waited for Desmond to arrive and get comfortable before I called, I was afraid if I called to early, the evening would be over before it got started. So about 15 minutes after he arrived and they were sitting on the leather couch having a drink I called Lynn and told her I was running late because of work and left a little later then anticipated but should be there in about two hours. I told her not to let Desmond go home but to wait for me so we could still have some fun when I got there.

I hung up the phone and I peaked through the window and saw my wife explaining to Desmond what I had said, he nodded in agreement and then I saw him place his hand on her thigh. She gently pushed his hand away and I heard her tell him, "we can't do this, it was a one time thing"

Desmond persisted, he slowly caressed her thigh, slowly massaging it, she put her hand over his as to push him away but she wasn't pushing very hard. It slowly turned into her resting her hand on top of his as he slowly inched his way inside her thighs and getting closer to her pussy. As always, Lynn wasn't wearing any underwear and I watch their hands disappear under her skirt and I watched my wife's head tilt back as Desmond fingered her pussy.

All pretence was gone as his fingers, with her help, fucked her pussy. He pulled his hand away and stood up and asked her to unbuckle his pants. Lynn sat on the edge of the couch and unbuttoned his jeans till they fell to the floor and then she hooked her fingers on either side of his boxers and lowered them slowly, his cock sprang up, inches from my wife's mouth.

Lynn grasped his cock and slowly jacked him, watching his cock slip between her fingers. She wanted to taste him but was frozen in place. I guess Desmond couldn't take it anymore and he put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her toward his cock, she was mesmerized as his cock grew nearer, she parted her lips and she felt the head slowly enter her mouth, and I had a perfect view of the whole thing.

I watched my wife with her pretty little mouth devour that huge black cock, she was insatiable, and I had never seen her give such a great blowjob. I guess she was doing pretty good because I saw Desmond's knees buckle as he exploded into her mouth, he must have been saving it because cum was dripping from her mouth as she sucked him off.

He fell into the couch but Lynn never let go of his cock, she kept playing with it, he never actually got small, her hands kept him semi hard until he was back at full mast. At this point I saw Lynn stand up and faced Desmond, put her legs on either side of his and lowered her pussy onto his cock. I watched as she slowly lowered herself, inch by inch I watched his cock enter my wife, until she was fully impaled on his cock.

Lynn then started to bounce up and down and I was so horny watching her taking that black cock into her pussy, they fucked like that for twenty minutes until my wife lowered her head on his shoulder and came harder then I have ever seen her. Desmond was still going strong, he kept fucking her till about 5 minutes later he explode inside her pussy.

That was my cue, I called her and told her I was ten minutes away, I saw them get dressed and when I arrived they acted like nothing had happened. We had fun that evening like we always do but things had changed forever and I was going to be the lucky recipient of many more nights like this, next time I would be better prepared, I would video tape it, so I can watch again and again.

But this is not where the story ends, since that night we have gotten together many a times and Desmond and my wife have gotten friendlier, it was nothing for her to either sit on my lap or Desmond's lap while we watched some movies. She always played it off like she was teasing Desmond and of course I approved.

Which leads me to the next time I watched them together, I came home one Friday night a few minutes late and Lynn was sitting on Desmond's lap, neither one made any move to get up so I sat on the recliner and watched the movie they seemed so engrossed in. I sensed there was something else going on because even in the dark, with just the glow of the TV I sensed some light movements coming from Lynn.

I saw Lynn adjust herself and was sitting with her legs on the outside of Desmond's legs, she was wearing that short skirt, but it wasn't short enough because I couldn't see anything. I kept looking back at them and what I saw next floored me, Lynn and Desmond both had their heads back with their eyes closed.

Suddenly Lynn opened her eyes and looked directly at me as her hands caressed her own thighs and slowly slid her skirt up. I watched intently, and there right before my eyes, my beautiful wife of 26 years was revealing to me her pussy. As she lifted the skirt up I saw Desmond's cock buried in her pussy.

Snapp take off your pants and jack off while Desmond fucks me. I was stunned and turned on, I got up and did as she said and jacked my cock while my best friend fucked my wife right in front of me.

She got up and I finally got to see how big his cock was, it was huge, I can't believe she took all of that. She got on the couch on her knees and beckoned me over. I went over to her and she took me in her mouth and sucked my cock while I watched Desmond get behind her and guide that huge cock back into her pussy.

He shoved it in so hard she almost gagged on my dick. Desmond and I got into a rhythm and we both fucked Lynn till we all exploded.

Well that night all was revealed and since that day we have invited Desmond over for many fulfilling nights.

I hope you all enjoyed my story. It has been a several years since I wrote my last one. I wrote this because a reader enjoyed my story telling and asked me to write one for him and yes the people described in the story are real people. Hopefully if enough people like I won't wait so long to write a new one. I appreciate all your e-mails so let me know what you think of it and please don't forget to vote.

I Remember Bethany

I Remember Bethany [part 1 of 5]
By: Piano Man (


I don't think we liked each other at first. Even though I thought Beth was pretty, I assumed she was a dumb Midwestern redneck and she thought I was some Uncle Tom because of my white dinner jacket and my smooth demeanor.

The first time I saw Beth she was working as a waitress in the Denver bar where I played piano on the weekend. She was from Iowa and you might describe her as ?perky' and hardworking and you've seen a thousand like her every four years when the media descend on Iowa for the Primaries. Her limbs were long and her waist was slim; small, high breasts, ample hips and a nice round butt completed the picture. Straight, black hair hung to the bottom of her shoulder blades. She showed her Welsh ancestry in her porcelain skin which freckled in the sun and her cornflower blue eyes. I used to think she looked like Jackie Kennedy (yeah, I'm that old) or maybe Audrey Hepburn but now I think she looked like Juliette Binoche (who was probably about 11 then).

Like any good waitress, she moved quickly and lightly on the balls of her feet and she also had a tendency to bounce in place up and down in place when she was excited. I often saw her move through a crowded bar carrying four plates of food or two trays of drinks without a mishap or even spilling a drop. There was an air of competence about her and she was often smiling and laughing even when everything was chaotic. When Beth laughed, her cheeks pushed up into her eyes and gave her an almost oriental look. And yet there was something about her in the quiet moments that suggested a great depth and high passion.

My day job was as a medical specialist at Fitzsimons Army Hospital. I had come back from my second tour in' Nam' as a Platoon Sergeant with the 101st Airborne and I had switched my MOS because I was tired of leading my men into firefights, death and maiming for no discernible purpose. Now I was helping to save what was left of their lives in rehab. I still had to coax and yell at them, but I felt much better about it. Besides that, I could go home every night and forget about my work.

I was about 6'-5" and when I was in the airborne, I made it a point of pride to be fitter and faster than anyone in the unit. I was balding and my mustache was starting to show some gray but I still ran every day and did push ups, chin-ups, squat thrusts and worked out at the Dojo.

Being home had its own set of problems, though, and my family was not used to having me home all the time. My wife and daughters had evolved their own system and she resented my attempts to alternately discipline or spoil the teen aged girls. The loss of jump and combat pay was also a problem so I took a second job as a piano man that also got me out of the house. The drinks were free, the tips were good and I enjoyed watching people. Besides that, I could play anything from R&B and boogie-woogie to classical and had a natural ear for picking up a tune.

I was a long way from East Saint Louis and the life of trouble that I was headed for as a teenager when I joined the Army. Back then, there weren't a lot of careers for young black men and the judge told me that if I enlisted, the charges (and a couple of angry fathers of my girlfriends) could be avoided.

The Peacetime Army of the Fifties was good and I got to see a lot of Europe and Asia. I got off base as much as could and with my natural ear I easily learned languages and my way with the ivories, I could make myself popular almost anywhere. There were a lot of women who wanted La experience noir, and Die Schwartzer orgasms, and I sure experienced a lot of them, especially the Frenchwomen. Even with all of that, I ended up marrying one of my old girlfriends from East St Louis and settling down (partially).

Of course, Beth's butt caught my eye and her natural friendliness helped to break the ice. I found out that she was a German/French Major fresh out of College and she was teaching High School during the week. One night, I surprised her by playing "Mon Dieu" by Edith Piaf and "Lillie Marlene". When she found that I was fluent in both French and German, she started practicing her languages with me and I told her bawdy jokes in Low German and risqué stories in Parisian French.

It turned out that she was working as a waitress to pay for a trip to Hawaii to meet her fiancé on R&R just as she had worked all through college to pay for her education (you could do that back then).

After we became good friends, she began to talk about her relationship with her fiancé. I guess she thought of me as a father figure and a good friend who she could open up to and not have I put the make on her and I tried to be that person.

Beth was engaged to a lieutenant who had gone over to Nam that summer. He was a year older than her and even though this was the swinging sixties, she had been a virgin until they got engaged. Once they started and she was on the pill, they screwed like rabbits in order to capture as much of each other as possible in the face of his looming deployment. She confessed that she didn't enjoy the sex as much as she thought she should and that he complained that she was repressed and inhibited. Beth also experienced few orgasms in their often hurried lovemaking and it left her vaguely wanting more.

Her fiancé had written that in his visits to the Saigon Cultural Exchange, he had found the Vietnamese women to have a much more open outlook about their sexuality and that he admired their attitude. Now I had been to the "Saigon Cultural Exchange" and it was a cluster of bars and bordellos, but I didn't tell her that.

The glamorous vacation in Hawaii she was planning on would obviously involve sex and she was hoping to lose some of her repression before they met and her fiancé had suggested she try some porn. Beth had purchased some magazines and even gone to a porno movie in a desire to please him but she said that they just left her cold and she wondered if something was wrong with her.

I told her there was nothing wrong with her and that stuff left me a little cold too. I gave her my copies of "Delta of Venus" and "Little Birds" by Anais' Nin. She had read Nin in college but didn't know that she wrote erotica. I said "Yes, in addition to being his lover, she also paid for the publication of "Tropic of Cancer" by Henry Miller". When she brought the books back, she blushed a little and said she liked them very much.

I mentioned that the story about the hypnotist was my favorite, because he was black and I could identify with him and I knew a redhead like the woman in the story back in Paris. Beth blushed even more but didn't say anything more.

Later, Beth asked me how she could become sexier and I told her that it's kind of like a mirror, if you think you are sexy, and then you are sexy. However from my experience if a woman wants to feel sexier she usually starts with her underwear. If you want, you could also wear a tighter skirt and you might try unbuttoning a button or two. She said that she would think about that, at least the underwear. I said I would think about it too and she blushed again.

Saturday, she smiled and said that she had purchased some French intimates and they did make her feel sexier. She also asked me if I had any more erotica. I told her yes, but she would have to take very good care of it, because it was very rare.

On Sunday, Beth showed up in a tight black skirt that hit her at mid thigh and when she bent over, it really accentuated her great ass and legs. When she brought me my drink, I noticed the top two buttons of her white blouse were open and when she leaned forward, I could see a lacy French cut bra and the curve of her breast and her nipple from the side. I looked up and smiled and said "Now that's what I'm talking about!" To my delight, her cheeks flushed and she smiled again and told me that she did feel much sexier and her tips were even better now.

After work, I gave her the book which was written in French but intended for the barely literate people of French colonial Africa. I believe it had been designed as a Recruiting tool and an anti-German, Pro-colonial cooperation in defense of the motherland piece of propaganda. It dated from the First World War and I had picked it up in a quiet little book store in Clichy, it had somehow survived the Vichy government, the Nazi occupation and the postwar De Gaul censorship. The book was a set of photographs done with a high quality silver gel sepia process which showed great skin tones and high contrast.

The book opens with an obviously drunk German officer attempting to have his way with a pretty young Frenchwoman. Suddenly, a very large, very black, French Senegalese soldier with mud still on his puttees and trench coat burst into the room. He seizes the officer and knocks him out with one punch. Together, the girl and the soldier defenestrate the German out and into the street several floors below her window. The girl then turns to the soldier with her clothes still torn and in disarray, declares him "My Hero" and kisses him. The colonial soldier is at first startled but then returns her embrace and then lifts her easily on to her bed. She quickly divests him of his clothes and expresses happy astonishment at the size of his manhood.

What follows is a series of sexual postures both on and off the bed. I found it unusual in that they displayed great pleasure in the sex, including smiles, sweat and flushed skin across the face and chest. The final picture in the series shows them in post-coital bliss, him on his back with a large grin, one hand thrust between her legs and the other resting on her head which lies on his abdomen. Her face has an equal smile with her glazed cheeks and lips nestled against his tumescence, still gleaming from the fruits of their lovemaking. The final two pictures are what make the book unique for the first shows the fiercely proud soldier in full dress uniform bedecked with medals and his beaming and very pregnant bride standing outside the parish church. The books' final illustration is of the soldier complete with paterfamilias mustache, pipe, evening paper and easy chair while his still smiling wife is setting the dinner table with several mixed race children playing at their feet.

I gave the book to Beth and she handled it gingerly and with mixed emotions, promising to take good care of it. She brought it back the following Friday and told me that she had been both aroused and fascinated with the book, but it had obsessed her imagination and even bothered her dreams. Much later, she told me that the image she couldn't get out of her head was of the blissful Frenchwoman with her lustrous and dripping lips wrapped around the soldiers gleaming ebony shaft buried deep inside her mouth.

After she gave the book back, Beth asked with hesitation if I didn't think the soldier was unusually large and I responded that I didn't think so. She stammered with her cheeks reddened and said that she meant his "thing". I again responded that I still didn't think he was all that large. Her eyes widened and I saw them drop to my lap. She quickly looked up with her cheeks crimson and her nipples stiffened and then started to apologize. But I cut her short and told her "Thank you, it's not often that an old married man gets a compliment like that". She bashfully smiled again and quickly went back to work.

For the next few weeks, Bethany was bubbling with excitement as she planned her romantic trip with her new bikini and see-through baby-doll nightgown. Once, while she was a little drunk, she confessed to masturbating with a vibrator and she could hardly wait to try out some of her new sexual ideas on her betrothed.

Then one day, she was really down in the dumps and when I asked her why, she told me that her fiancé's leave had been canceled and he was being sent up-country and that he would be out of touch for a couple of weeks. I thought that sounded a little bogus but I told her not to worry, his R&R would soon be rescheduled and they would soon meet up in Hawaii. She cheered up and was soon back to her normal self but still slightly subdued.

The next Friday I found her in tears and she showed me a letter from her brother who was in the Signal Corps. He wrote that he had seen her fiancé's name on the manifest of a Saigon to Sidney flight and went down to the Bangkok terminal to greet him. Instead what he saw was her very drunk beloved with an Australian nurse hanging off him bound for two weeks of R&R or I&I (intoxication and intercourse) as her brother put it.

I told her how sorry I was and that it might be a case of mistaken identity. She replied that her brother would not have written unless he was absolutely sure. She began to weep bitterly against my shoulder and I fought the urge to mouth platitudes about "tomorrow is another day." and "There's more than one fish in the sea." Instead, I just held her and stroked the back of her head until she stopped crying. I gave her my handkerchief and she thanked me for just being there. She said "You're a good friend, George" and kissed my palm before returning to work. However, I could tell that she was just going through the motions.

Later, after closing time, as I was headed out to my car, I spotted Beth sitting in her old gou-shi (beat-to-shit) mustang with her head on the steering wheel and tears streaming down her face. I knocked on her window to ask if she was ok and she rolled it down, sobbing "My brother left me this piece of junk two years ago and tonight it won't start. I spent all my money on a plane flight I can't use. The buses have stopped running, my fiancé is a louse and I'm freezing."

I told her to get out of the car and to lock it up and that I would drive her home and look at her car in the morning. She responded that I didn't need to do that and that she could just sleep in the car. I said "No, It's only going to get colder and this is not a good neighborhood for a woman by herself. I'm telling you that you need to get in my car and let me take you home. Here, take my coat." She finally agreed and locked up the mustang.

Back then, I was driving an older model Mercedes s300 that I picked up in Germany, used, on my last tour and that I kept up myself. The car had bench seats and a huge interior and very useful when the kids were small for long trips and you had to keep them at least three feet apart. When Beth climbed in and I had the heater running, she noticed the broad plush seats and the fine woodwork and remarked on how nice the car was. I replied that it was ok; it was like me, built for comfort, not speed. She laughed and replied "You're in great shape."

"You mean, for my age."

"No, for any age." And then her cheeks reddened even further as she realized that it sounded like a come on.

I smiled and handed her my hip flask of 180 proof homemade plum brandy and she thanked me and took a swig, coughed and exclaimed "Whoa, that's strong stuff, but it sure warms you up." Beth then gave me directions to the walk up over a liquor store she rented. We were sitting in the parking lot in back when she asked if we could just sit and talk for a while.

I said I understood and pulled out a joint and fired it up. As we talked, I handed it to her and she took a toke and began coughing violently. I said "Be careful, this isn't your college shit, this is grade A Nam Boo mixed with black tar opium." She replied that it was ok; she could stand to get really stoned, so I offered to shotgun her.

As I took a mouthful of smoke and blew it into her open mouth, she inhaled and held it. When she exhaled, Beth remarked that it felt as if the back of her head was floating away. I told her that was just her neck muscles relaxing.

About the third or fourth time I leaned in to blow some smoke into her mouth, Beth just looked me in the eyes, closed hers and kissed me. Our mouths joined and our tongues pushed into a wet embrace. When we broke, she apologized and told me that she shouldn't have done that. I responded that I had been wanting to do that for some time and pulled her into another deep long kiss.

When we broke our kiss the second time, she was running her fingers inside my open shirt collar on my pectoral; she marveled that it was so broad and firm. I followed suit and slipped my hand into her blouse to cup her small upturned breast. "And this is so soft and beautiful."

"Thank you, George, for letting me feel pleasure again."

"If you want pleasure, try this." And I reached inside the glove box to pull out my special mix of Xing qu shi and K-Y jelly, opened her blouse and began rubbing it on her chest, pushing her bra over the top of her breasts. As the mix of warmth and cooling took effect, she sighed, closed her eyes and her nipples turned into pebbles as she kissed me again. Beth then unbuttoned my shirt and started rubbing the mix on my chest and abs, again marveling at how fit I was.

I thanked her and as we were making out again, I was running my hand back and forth on her thigh and ass. When I slipped my hand between her thighs, they parted and I could feel the dampness in her pantie hose.

Beth groaned and her hand dropped down onto my lap and she started to massage my Johnson. When she felt its size, she exclaimed "Oh Lordy, now that's a hunk of meat."

I found a small hole in her pantyhose and I worked my finger into her wet folds as my tongue found her nipple. She arched her head backwards and pulled me on top of her." Please George, I need this."

I pushed her skirt up and started to pull her pantyhose down and she lifted her butt to accommodate while tugging at my belt and zipper. I kicked of my trousers and boxers but left my shoes on (old habit from my teen years-in case I needed to run). As I climbed up between her knees, my open shirt held my thighs and abdomen in shadow. As she stared at what was looming at her out of the darkness, I drank in the sight of her wide open, well-muscled, thighs, smooth stomach and magnificent bush. It was thick and full and had a wispy trace that extended up towards her belly button.

Now I know that the latest fashion dictates that women should shave their nether regions smooth, but as a father who has diapered his infant daughters, I find it to be a complete turnoff. Perhaps after Brittany Spears latest display, more people will agree.

As I found and stroked Beth's slick button, I noticed that she was still mesmerized by what was bobbing below my belly. "Last chance to back out." I broke her spell and she looked up with lust lidded eyes.

"Shut up and kiss me you fool." And she pulled me toward her.

I applied the mix to our genitals and she guided me with trembling fingers to the furled rose petals of her labia. As I encountered her tightness and began to enter, I saw her grimace and bite her lip as I worked myself into her warmth, but Beth just pulled me tighter towards her. I paused after about seven inches to let her get accustomed to being so full and then I backed out until just the head was in and I rocked back and forth with just a few inches of penetration. When she gasped and clutched at my ass I buried the whole nine inches into her until my balls were up against her perfect cheeks.

"Oh my god, it's so big." She cried out and wrapped her legs around me, rocking her ass back and forth against my thighs while her eyes opened wide and lost their focus.

As I pulled back with each thrust, I could feel the walls of her vagina tugging at my shaft and I rocked back and pushed her legs toward her chest so that I could see the joining of our flesh. As I worked in and out of her, the shining coral of her inner lips turned to violet as they followed my gleaming coal black piston. The rosy crucifixion spread across her chest as I looked up to find her gaze from between her knees locked on the workings of our lovemaking.

"It's so beautiful." She whispered with a husky moan and pushed her head back against the armrest. Her heavy lidded eyes locked on mine and she pulled me down on her. Beth then began to pull my shirt off over my head and claw at my back. Her face flush and her eyes rolled back with fluttering lids, she began to buck wildly until with a violent spasm, she gave out an inarticulate "AAARGH!" and I felt a sudden gush of liquid flood against my testicles.

The beautiful slapping and squishing of our nether regions filled the car along with a heady musk and the windows steamed as we continued to bend our backs against that cold November night. With my fingers between her cheeks, I could feel her juices running down the crack as she panted and jerked against me. I slowed and kissed her neck while she caught her breath. "Thank you, George: that was wonderful."

"Hold on little girl, we ain't finished yet." And I sat up and lifted her left leg so that her ankle was next to my ear. I kissed her sole and I began to pull her back and forth against my chest and abdomen. My neck was jammed against the car roof but I could watch Beth with her petite Tetons jerking and her eyes rolling back and forth as she clutched at my ass and thighs. Beth had her right foot braced against the steering wheel as she reentered le petite morte and I was afraid she would break it when she came groaning and straining in her orgasm.

I paused again to lay down behind her on the seat while we caught our breath. As I did so, I plopped out of her and she, trembling and panting, asked if I had come yet. I replied to the negative and asked her if she wanted to quit.

"No, I want to feel you coming inside me." With that, she reached down to grasp my slick member and thrust it back into her equally wet love channel.

I grabbed her left thigh, and began to really slam into her. I asked if she liked my old ?nigger cock'. She turned her head to look me in the eyes and said "Oh yes." as she reached back to pull my ass into her. "I want to hear you say it. Unh-unh! I want to hear you say that you love being fucked by this old nigger cock. Unh-unh-unh! Say it!" as I thrust her wet red ass against my loins.

"Oh god, yes, fuck me George. Fuck with your big nigger cock, I want you to come in me. Fuck me hard. Come! Come for me baby!" she screamed.

"Yeah! Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. I'm gonna cum. Open up and take this old nigger cock. I'm gonna cum. Unh-unh-AAARGH!" and with that, time seemed to stop as her cries echoed mine as we spasmed against each other and I pumped myself into her.

I continued to work myself back and forth in her and I looked down to see her pubic hair plastered to her thighs and mound with sperm frothing out with her fluids. When I started to pull out, she whispered "Thank you, I never knew it could be like that. Isn't that beautiful" as she looked down to see me embedded in her center.

When my dick finally came out with a soft plop, a torrent of cum followed it down her ass and on to the seat beneath. "Oh my god, I'm sorry, I've ruined your seats!" I told her not to worry, I had been Scotch-Guarding the seats since the kids were little.

Suddenly the color left her face "Oh no, that's right! You have a family and now I'm a home wrecker!"

"Relax, my wife expects me to cheat a little and I expect she's been off the rez herself a few times while I've been deployed. Besides, if she knew your situation, she would agree that you needed a good screw and she might have loaned me out herself tonight."

"Oh, great, does she charge a stud fee?" and we both laughed and she leaned her head against my chest. "You know that picture book you loaned me? Well, right now I feel just like that French girl. I don't think I could feel any more satisfied."

I noticed that her gaze was still locked on my opalescent fluid covered Johnson. "Well how about it? Do you think you could fit that on your mouth? You could always try" she looked at me to see if I was serious and I could tell she was tempted but then she noticed that it was getting light outside.

"Oh god, you better get home. I don't care how open minded your wife is. I don't want her asking questions about me!" with that she sat up and put on her shoes and started to straighten herself up.

"Well, you better take these if you don't want her asking questions." And I handed her pantyhose to her. She laughed happily and stuffed them into her purse, kissed me and got out of the car and headed up the stairs to her apartment. As I got dressed, I watched her until she was safe. She paused on the landing to wave before going inside. I can still remember her wistful smile, her disheveled clothing and the tiny stream of jizz running down her leg.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Right End Of The Fist

The Right End Of The Fist
By: Kristen S

Confessions of a Slut.

Chapter 11

The Right End of the Fist

By Kristen Shigh

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my continuing sexual saga. It is dark. Very Dark. Perhaps my darkest. Also, some of you cringe and even a whisper of homosexuality - well... among men. (For some reason, it is OK if girls like each other - but boys)... Sheeze I am bracing myself for angry notes and votes of 5.

I am just warning you: it is in there. But it turns pretty dark - because I am dark. I can't help it. I won't help it. I am unhappy and sex eases the pain somehow.

If you do not like it or want it dark, don't read it. Please, DO NOT walk down this path if you are not up for it and then give me a low vote just because you did not head my warning.

This one is dark.

MOST IMOPORTANTLY! Do not think that because this turns me on that it turns every woman on. Not even close. There are (I hope) very few that it turns on. DO NOT do this to someone that does not know what she (or he) are getting into and has given full permission.

It would help a lot to at read my last entry. This is a continuation of "Well... without the crack." Iit is not wholly necessary. Just know I did not get this way over night.

Confessions of a Slut.

Chapter 11

The Right End of the Fist

By Kristen Shigh

The light from the lamp posts reclaimed their lavender ambiance as the path widened and I regained composure. Composure, yes... well... maybe. But still a mess. Dirty knobby knees, soft mud between my toes, and sundress scarcely affixed. Make up smeared, cum caked beneath my crooked grin. called attention to who I was. What I am. A slut. Just as the graffiti described: The girl gladly giving free blow jobs in the rest area. "Just ask Kristen if she is looking for a good time." Holy fuck I am bad. Holy fuck I was doing it. Really doing it. I was... Triumphant.



My ass was still stinging from the spanking.

There were several men gathered at the picnic table but they scattered in disgust at my disheveled, desperate approach. Staggering. Not from booze or crack, but from sheer lust. Lust. I swear I was still cumming. Fuck, in a matter of an hour I had already managed to become too much of a skank even for them! I am too pathetic for the kind of wretched men that would line up in a rest stop to get a blow job from a girl only advertised with a fresh majik marker -- Holy cow! -- I AM a fucking whore. I really am. Wowzers.

But, fuck I was 20 yards away. I can't be THAT disgusting. Really. Come on. I am still young. Moderately attractive. And there are men out there that like the fucking slut look so fucking gimmie! NEXT!

Only the chubby red headed boy that had not followed the others down the path remained. I recognized him.

"You lookin for a good time?" He half stuttered and half laughed as I got to with in ear shot. "I think I may have scared them off - I told them I was Kristen. They left."

I was pissed.

"I'm sorry. I tried. I fucking tried. I bet I am every bit as good at it as you are. At least I'd like to think so. Or at least try. I think you and I came here for the same reason - you just have a little more guts than I do."

"Ya mean you..."

"Yea, I did."

"Have you ever done this before?"

"Not in a million years. I swear I was just stopping to take a leak,... I saw the note on the wall - and then you and then - my mind started wandering. And I couldn't stop myself."

I could relate to that part. He was kinda cute standing there falling all over himself. "I'm not kidding... I am on my way to my Grand Mother's house in Connecticut. Really. When I read the Graffiti in the bath room.... I didn't believe it... when I read it.... but then I walked out and there you were and - Man, I can't tell you... I couldn't leave. But I couldn't follow you. But I had to lagg behind for a second... I saw you. Doing every thing I have..." He blushed and became suddenly awkward. "I had to try... I had too"

There was a long pause. "I mean, I cant believe I am admitting this to you now. I wanted to... I want to..."

He was cute... somehow.. I was flattered. Flattery will get you everywhere. (All ya really have to do is tell me I am cute and I want to fuck you.)

"Do what? Tell me."

"You know."

"Tell me. What is it you have always wanted to do but were afraid?"

He blushed. It was so cute - It was wholly turning me on. He was caught - frozen. It was hot.

"Tell me," I demanded. He shifted weight from one foot to the other. "Out with it."

"You know - be with a guy." He muttered.

"What?" I demanded.

"A guy, have sex with a guy."

"Do you mean suck cock?"

"Yes." He said sheepishly.

"Well then say it. Own it!"

"S-s-suck c-cock."

"Have you ever done it?"

He was like a deer in the head lights - desperately wanting to run for cover but absolutely too petrified to do anything but stand there. "No."

"Why not?"

"Cos the kids at school will beat you up if they find out you are gay."

"Wait a second how old are you?"


"Are you still in high-school"

"No I just graduated. I am going to college this fall."

"Have you ever been with a guy at all?"

"No, Mamm." Mamm - he called me mamm - Fuck! that turned me on.

"Have you ever been with a woman?"

He blushed and shuffled - it was so hot!. "No."

Holy Christ I was tuned on =- I wanted to just devour this boy: A bi curious quivering little virgin. Holy Cow.

One of the idiots that had gathered round the picnic table came back. "Hey, are you Kristen?"

"No, I'm not. Dunno who that is." I am so bad. I hooked my arm round the boy and led him trembling to my rental car before some other idiot showed up. We were both staggering. It wasn't far. I opened the door for him.

Dark... Dark... tented windows and satellite radio playing Nora Jones. He sat motionless in the front seat. I threw my arm around him but he did not turn his head. I tried to kiss him. He sat motionless... well trembling. I leaned in to kiss him but he did not so much as turn his head. My hand caressed his chubby chest and tummy and down to his trousers. He was soft.

"What's a matter, baby?" I whispered understandingly in his ear.

"Dunno." He managed. I was so fucking turned on. I dug my hand between folds of fabric flesh and zippers pulling the soft mound out for petting.

"Mmm," I cooed in hopes of relaxing him. "You have a nice cock."

He stuttered shyly, making excuses. "I was so turned on a few minutes ago, I was hard - real hard... I wanted, I wanted..."

"I know baby. You are a little shy about it. I know, believe me. I like girls too and it took me forever to finally meet a girl. You're with me now, I understand. Relax baby."

He seemed to loosen up a little.

"Have you ever done it with another woman?" He asked amiably.

"Yes, sweetie."

Some blood flowed to his petrified penis.

"So you're gay too?"

"No, baby. I'm bi." I grabbed his hand and brought it to my messy lil saucey. "And you may be too - maybe you should give it a try."

I spread my legs and pulled the hem of the dress up to my waste. I wanted him to appreciate my freshly shaven saucey. I forced his fingers down down down between my legs.

I cooed. I knew where his button is and I caressed it with an itchy finger. I removed the safety from the gun. And felt the cold steel curve of the his trigger.

"Have you any idea how many men have cum inside me this evening?" His cock unfurled moderately firm. "I would love to take you back to my motel room and make you lick my lil saucey clean. POP. That did it - fully erect -- Zero to Sixty in one sentence. I leaned over past the gear shift and put his little rod in my mouth. His fingers explored my leaking pussy. I am sure I was the first he ever touched. It turned me on. Not the way he was touching me - but that he was touching it - It turned me on. I turned the key. My hand shifted from rod to gear shift and back as I maneuvered the access road over to the motel.

Across the parking lot I linked arms pulling him in tow as we started up the wooden stairway to my motel room.

I stopped on the landing between floors and pushed him into the corner to kiss him. He was trembling - unable to even kiss me back. He blushed, I felt his cock soften. I still knew where his trigger was. I was going to squeeze it. I was going to take his virginity. I t was mine! I was in control. Fuck, that turns me on! I was on top. Alive.

On the porch above us were three middle aged men drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. They saw us and did not hesitate to heckle.

"Get a room, whore." Someone called out.

I couldn't stand it. "Got one, thanks." I grabbed the poor boy by the arm and led him up a flight headed for my room. I had to pass the men as I drug him along. One good look at me - running make up, dirty knees, mud between my toes and I think they could put two and two together.

"Jesus, look at that skank."

"How much you charging tonight?"

"Hey I've got a quarter."

They all got in a good laugh. I was confused, mortified... Fuck, that turns me on too... I was dominate, acquiescent, aggressive, demure, submissive hostile. Humiliated. Horny as hell and unsure which way to go.

All was a blur as I towed the shy boy past cat calling construction workers.

"Ya gonna do me next?"

"How much do you charge? 50 cents an hour?"

I am such a fucking skank.

I managed to get him through the door with out incident. I was on fire. He was embarrassed, obedient. I was in control. I passed the test.

I pushed him on to the bed and un-zipped my lil sundress for good measure. It fell to the ground and I was naked. Finally fucking naked. I am a goddess. I love myself. I love my body. Mmmm... I shaved my pussy for this...I enjoyed every second of it. She wanted to be licked clean. I stepped right up on to the bed and marched across it with my muddy feet. I went straight to his face and squatted. "Mmm.... Lick me baby... MMMM! Clean me out!"

He squirmed a little - but generally obeyed.

"There is so much cum in there... soooo many men have fucked me tonight. I want you to drink their cum for me!" He did so - with the fervor of a child running to an ice cream truck. "MMMM that's it. I know you like it."

His cock hardened. He liked it. Of course he did. I unzipped his trousers to lean over for a little 69. Mmm... Holy Cow I was really in charge here. I took a nice long pull on his tender little prick. It throbbed.

His timorous mouth was cool - my lil pussy was on fire. I bounced and squirmed atop his apprehension. His tongue darted in and out. My earlier conquests continued to creep from my cunt. Cum. Man cum. He was cleaning my used twat for me! I was in control. Alive. I was giving a little confused gay boy his first taste of saucey - and like any meal too potent for immature taste buds - she had to be marinated with sweets. It was perfect.

I thought about how hard I just been fucked. She was a lil sore - my sweet lil saucey was bruised a bit. He was nice and gentile. My ass was still stinging from the spanking. He did not seem to notice my reddened cheeks. It was a delightful change of pace. I swear I was going to cum.

Fuck, I was giving this boy his first blow job. But I know what he wanted - what he really wanted.

I ground my hips onto his face so he must have had trouble breathing. Tee Hee. I am a goddess. I love myself.

He squirmed and gagged a little bit but his pathetic pecker grew another inch. Masochist. I know. I know. I am one. Who better to read one. I wanted to please him. I am him. I know him. I know myself. I hate myself.

"Oh, I love your cock," I garbled between gulps. Men need that. I need that. I need to make him cum.

Fuck, even as a sadist - I am a fucking masochist. Listen to me - the thoughts in my head - I need to make him cum. Fuck that. He needs to satisfy me. I am in charge here. I am a goddess. I love myself. I lied to myself. I couldn't help it. I am what I am. I slipped my hand between folds of fabric and flabby flesh, past tight white and cheeky cheeks to press his doorbell.

He flinched and moaned. I ground my pussy tight against his mouth to muffle his moans. Tee hee.

"Mmmm, baby you get me good and clean..."

I slipped just the tip of my middle finger inside his blooming rose bud.

"...and then I am going to reach into my little back pack over there... "

My digit wormed its way inside the warm tunnel. His cock throbbed. He whimpered.

"...and pull out my strap on..."

Middle finger lubed with tounge and spit, his gate was open. My knuckle entered with ease.

"...bend you over..."

His cock jolted as my finger found its way through the back door. I pushed it hard inside him full force and back again. He had done this to himself before. I could tell.

"...that desk right there.."

He was hyperventilating, Squirming. Kicking. FUCK it turned me on.

"... and fuck that hungry little..."

Oh my God!

"... ass of yours."

Hot cum splattered across my cheek and hair and even in my eye. He fucking came. Just like that. Right in my face. Gallons. Holy Cow. He fucking came. Gallons.

It surprised me. Just came at the mere mention of getting fucked in the ass. I think I was in love.

He however was embarrassed. His whole demeanor changed. He squirmed out from under me - not saying a word. Pulling his trousers up he headed for the door. That too surprised me. Caught me off guard.

"Don't leave baby. Please. Please don't leave me."

He didn't even look back. "It's OK. It happens all the time."

I chased after him and stopped him at the door, he pushed me away and opened it. I was abandoned. I was naked, I wanted to chase after him. "Please baby, wait." I shouted down the walkway. I started after him but I was - after all -- naked. Those three men were still there. He bolted past them before they really realized what was happening. They looked down the corridor at me naked in the walkway -- fresh cum dripping from my face - I was caught. The cat calls began anew. Just like that, he was gone and I was clearly NOT in control. I was alone. Very fucking alone. I had gone from zero to sixty but also sixty to zero. Below zero. I was backing up. I was naked in front of three strange men - In a motel, fresh cum on my face. I was frightened, horny, afraid. One of the men approached me, I wanted the coy lil boy back.

"Which one of us do you wanna fuck next?"

I was naked. Exposed. Humiliated. Horny. Fresh cum dripped from my face and onto my breasts as I was backed into the bed. "Or do you wanna fuck all three of us at once?" I was crying. He was assertive, aggressive. He pushed me. I was scared. I stumbled, and fell forward across the muddy spread. They laughed. I was completely defenseless. Vulnerable. Back side up. I reached for my back pack but one of them stopped me and pulled my arm behind my back. It hurt. Now it was me that whimpered.

"What are you doing? Going for a gun?" He asked as he unloaded the contents of the back pack on to the bed spread.

"No," I managed. "I figured you were about to fuck me in the ass so I was going for some lube." I announced as several brands and bottles spilled out along with about 8 different dills I had brought along incase I chickened out. (It has happened before) But I did not chicken out. I came to suck cock -- not be gang raped. I was fucking loosing control.

They laughed, "Jesus - look at this!" He held up the mammoth novelty dil I brought along. I occasionally have used it when I get really really depressed and need to be fucking filled - really filled. It is insane. Large. Nearly unusable. It is huge like a rubber sledge hammer handle. I thought I might need it if the night had not gone as planned - if I had chickened out and spent the night fucking myself while reading ES or chatting on the Agony Aunts board. I hate myself. This is not what I meant.

I guess one of them saw the hand prints left from my earlier little spanking. I think somebody likes it a little rough as he swatted me with a crisp fire.

I moaned.

"Don't you?" Swat. The fire shot through my whole body. I buried my face in the muddy bed spread. Crying. SWAT.

"Yes." SWAT

"What?" SWAT

"I like it a little rough." SWAT. I hate myself.

He examined the scars on my inner thigh. The rough cut "J" stood out like a bill board announcing in neon lights that, "Yea, I like it a little rough."

Fucking Julia! That bitch never fucking called me back either!

One of them grabbed me by the hair and yanked my head up. He slapped me hard across the face. "Yea, I thought so." Someone else swatted me hard across the ass. It might have been a belt. Fuck I don't know. It hurt. It hurt like hell. All I could manage was, "Fuck me!"

He slapped me again across the face. "Open up, bitch." He unzipped his trousers and his mammoth cock popped out - Hard! Again. Hard!, and then shoved it whole into my open mouth. I gagged. He held me by the hair and pounded deeper - whole hard face fucking. I gagged. He drove. They all laughed as I struggled. My arms were still held behind my back. I was helpless and horny. My mouth a wet hole - my throat a tiny tunnel expanding to fit the shape of the intruder. A fuck hole. A cum hole.

The mammoth dil was held in front of me for their amusement. It was rubbed down with lube and pushed against my lil rose bud. No way. No fucking way was that going in there! They laughed at my helpless objections. It is hard to complain about your own dil-doe when you are gagging on some strangers cock.

I bent my knees and prepared for the worst. I tried to unlock my lil back door as best I could. She has a lot of locks.

He hit me with another hard swat across my ass. The tip of the horse cock pushed against my narrowest passage. He swatted again. The bolt of pain relaxed my sphincter for an instant as the ram rod rammed! Holy FUCK! He knows what he is doing!

My hair was yanked -- my throat still full of cock. The intrusion shot a bolt of pain across a traffic jam of sensations traveling across my spine. My rear sphincter tried to slam shut - It was like an iron gate closing on your hand. In my head I swear I could hear the metal clank. I spit the cock from my mouth and moaned aloud with pain. He slapped my face and shoved it back in. It was brutal.

"You like that don't you - you little slut?"

I could only moan the affirmative. I hate myself.

He swatted again and it was inserted further. Again -- SWAT - further. Each swat forced my gates to open and he jammed it further up my tight tight lil ass. Each time my gates tried to slam shut only to be blocked by the massive incursion. I have never been in so much pain. I have never cum so hard!

He spanked my rear end again and shoved it deeper. His timing was impeccable. There is NO way that thing would have been swallowed by my little rose bud if he had not timed it with the swat so well.

Swat, shove. SWAT, Shove, SWAT FUCKING HELL -- SHOVE -- deeper Deeper DEEPER. I was being split open. I was crying. My nose filled with mucus. I could not breath. If I spit his cock out for a second I could breath - but as soon as I did he slapped me hard across the face until I put it back in. I was fucking on fire!

They laughed as I cried. I bobbed my head as best I could. I wanted to make that fucker cum. I figured the only way I was going to get him out of my mouth was to make the mother fucker cum. He liked it. He grabbed my hair and held it steady as he pumped. His pelvis rammed against my nose. I flailed my tonsils as his cock throbbed and I gagged.

Strings of spume dripped from my chin. He throbbed and pumped. Throbbed and pumped. I was getting it from both ends. Holy Fuck!

I am a fuck hole. A cum hole. I flailed between gags until he finally released! I did it. I fucking did it! I made the mother fucker cum! But, he was in too deep. I choked as he spattered globs of glue down my throat. Too deep. I coughed. I may have up chucked a little. Had to. Involuntarily, I spit him out and his cum out along with it. It landed in a puddle on the bed spread in front of me. He zipped and called me a skank. I couldn't help thinking, "You're the one that likes to fuck a skank." As I wiped the spume and stomach acid from my mouth on the spread.

The massive dill was in as far as humanly possible as one of them began to push and pull it in figure 8s. I am not sure if I was in agony or ecstasy I only know I saw screaming.

"Just want to loosen you up a little." They laughed.

"You're not gonna?"

"I am."

"You are what?" I wondered in a panic.

The massive dil was shoved in as far as it could go and then suddenly yanked from my bum and tossed on the spread in front of me. It was covered in shit. My shit. Foul. It landed in the puddle of cum and mud and vomit.

"That's disgusting," one of them complained. As he picked up the fetid phallus from the clean end and began to rub the nasty slime into my hair. Thin strands of red hair clung to the rich brown putty causing the dill to tangle and then dangle against my shoulders. They laughed. It was fucking stuck in my hair. I was wholly humiliated.

I was still on my knees and my dirty dirty ass hole was exposed -- open - more stretched than she has EVER been. I was wholly humiliated. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Face covered in ruined makeup, cum and now a shit covered dildo hanging from my hair. I am a skank.

The lube that coated his hand was cool against my stinging cheeks as he caressed it and inserted a finger. I closed my eyes as he counted. "That's one."

I heard the squeeze of the bottle and the cool of it dripping down my thigh. "That's two." He began massaging my tired ass hole with the two, and then... "That's three." Compared to the pounding I had just had - I could not tell any difference.

Then, "That's four." Holy FUCK. He began to flatten them out and go deeper. I moaned in pain and pleasure. "Fuck me, baby." All four fingers moved in and out with ease. "FUCK ME!"

"You want a fifth? You want the thumb too? "

"Yes please. FUCK ME! FILL! ME!"

"Here comes Five"

"holy fuck Holy Fuck HOLY FUCK! FUCK ME!"

"That's Five,"

"Holy Fuck I am cumming!"

"Do you want me to make a fist - do you want the fist?"

"FUCK FUCK FUCK! Oh yes, Please - fill me! Fuck me Fist ME!"

I was hyperventilating. I was crying. I was cumming.

I felt his fingers contort inside me. FUCK!

"Here comes the fist" His fingers balled together - splitting me open. It fucking HURT! HOLY FUCK! It hurt! He began to pund it in side me.

"MOTH-ER-FUCK-ER!" In and OUT he pounded!

A white light exploded in my head. I let go of everything. I can't help it. All control was lost I was cumming so fucking hard! CUMMING so hard I began to - I hate to admit it - but I did it. I could not help it. All control was lost! I had to let go!

I began to piss. PISS right in the bed!

He jumped back to avoid getting splattered on - ripping has fist hard from my anus. "What the fuck? This bitch just pissed on me."

I was still cumming.

"I am sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry." I pleaded. "I didn't mean to I lost control."

I was still pissing.

"Yea well I am about to loose control on you!"

I was still cumming. And pissing. He slapped my cheek with his lube and slime covered hand and then began to stroke his cock with it grinding the mess into my face as he stroked. The head of his cock was immediately in my mouth as he stroked his own shaft - thus slapping me in the mouth and chin with each stroke. Foul! Fucking Foul.

"Don't do it." I warned. "Scat makes me throw up. I will vomit." He did not care. He did not stop giving me a full brown Sanchez. My face was coated in shit.

I couldn't help it. I could not stop my self. I hate myself. I fucking hate myself. I did it to my self. I fucking volunteered. I am a whore. A fucking shit eating whore. I did it. I opened my mouth and began to lick his hand as he stroked. I licked his cock - his hand - clean. I wanted to heave but I forced myself. It seemed to turn him on. He throbbed. The others apparently had had enough - for I found we were alone. Fucking pussys. He shot his load in my face just in time - As I darted to the bathroom to hug the toilet.

I heard the door close as I heaved. I was alone. I threw up again and fell to the cold tile floor and began to masturbate.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Santa Fe

Santa Fe
By: Trace Ekies (

The door bell rang. David had been sitting in an easy chair, reading a mystery novel. It was after ten at night, and he thought that someone being at the door was really unusual. In addition to it being late, he was in a vacation house and normally no one would be there. He got up from his chair and went quietly to the door. He noticed that both the dead-bolt and the chain were locked, just as he had left them when he got there the previous day. He carefully looked through the peephole to the outside.

The outdoor light was on and he could see that the caller was an attractive female, probably in her twenties. Behind her in the drive was a late model sports car, parked right behind his truck. He couldn't see anyone in the car and she looked harmless enough, so he curiously unlocked the door and opened it. He looked her over and said, "Yes?"

She was pretty. She had shoulder length blonde hair and a nice, but not voluptuous figure. She was wearing blue jeans that fit her like a glove and a translucent brown top that stylishly showed off a full black bra. She said, "I'm Julie Cosworth. My step-father, John Williams, owns this place. Who are you?"

She saw a middle-aged man, about six foot tall with a slender build peering back at her from the open door. He explained, "I'm David Jaxx. I work for your father. He told me I could stay here for a few days." Then he added quizically, "He didn't say anything about you coming up here."

"Well, he didn't know I was coming. I'm going to school in Albuquerque and just came up for the weekend. I have a key but I saw your truck and the lights so I thought I better ring the bell." She thought to herself, "He works for John. He must not be dangerous and he does look okay. A little on the old side but not bad." She concluded that she was probably safe and asked, "Is it okay if I come in?"

"Sure, do you have anything you want brought in?"

"No," she said looking down, "I just have my handbag. I keep clothes and other stuff of mine here. They're in the spare bedroom."

Without looking up, she walked past him and went straight to the kitchen where she fixed herself a tall coke over ice. David started to react negatively to her way of making herself at home but then he realized that it was more her home than his. He considered himself lucky that he had already moved into the master bedroom. She flopped down in the other easy chair, the one he hadn't been using. She asked him if he was staying there alone.

He told her, "I had a fight with my wife this week. I was really upset. Your father is being very helpful to me and he suggested I come up here for a week and cool off. So yes, I'm alone." David was still a little annoyed at having his solitude interrupted and he abruptly asked her, "What's Your excuse for being here?"

She felt somewhat defensive and replied, "Well first of all, he's not my father. John's my step-father, although he does treat me as if I was his real daughter. When he and mother divorced a few years ago, I stayed with him instead of moving to New York with her. He's paying for my college, buys me clothes and bought me that car out there. My real father doesn't treat me that good. But thats not really what you asked. I'm here because my fiance is studying for an exam and he has trouble concentrating when I'm around." She flashed a smile like David should understand why she would be a distraction. He was starting to like her and he definitely understood the distraction part.

She would probably never be a model but she did have the kind of looks that would turn heads. She was wearing heels that probably added a couple of inches or so. David mentally guessed her height at around 5'6". He thought her face was cute, a little bit on the round side with a nicely proportioned nose and mouth, a sexy smile and blue eyes. In the light of the house he could see that her hair color was really a very light brown and sun-bleached to blonde on the ends.

There was silence. They were studying each other. Julie thought that David wasn't handsome, at least not like her boyfriend George, but then he wasn't unattractive either. He had all his hair, nice teeth and seemed to dress okay, particularly since he wasn't expecting company. His feet were bare but he was wearing some nice khaki wash pants and a blue pullover. And he apparently didn't even need reading glasses. His wife was probably missing him.

David continued looking her over. He put Julie's weight at about 120 pounds and he thought her breasts were just the right size for her frame, probably a B cup or slightly larger. Her waist was trim and from the fit of her jeans one would have to conclude that she had very nice legs. David had watched her from the back as she walked to the kitchen. Her ass was certainly an attraction. Yes, he could understand why her fiance couldn't get any studying done with her around. He thought that maybe it wasn't so bad being interrupted after all.

It was Friday night and Julie finally broke the silence by saying that she had to go back to Albuquerque on Sunday. She asked, "Is it going to bother you if I stay here till then?" By now, David kind of wanted her to stay but she was pleading anyway. "I won't be any trouble. I've got friends here so you won't even see much of me."

Well, this wasn't going to help David sort out his problems with his wife, but at least Julie was engaged and there was probably fifteen years between their ages, so it shouldn't be an unbearable temptation. Besides, he was sort of looking forward to having her as company for a couple of days. He said, "Certainly, you can stay. After all, its really your house. I just hope you can put up with me for a couple of days."

She relaxed her posture and David could tell she was greatly relieved. She suggested that he might want to get back to his reading. Julie told him that she was tired, had been up since seven that morning, and after the drive up from Albuquerque she wanted to get a shower and go to bed. She stood up to end the conversation and headed for her bedroom. David picked up his book and resumed his reading.

From his chair, David could see down the hall where the bedrooms were. It was just a vacation house, really more like a cottage, and although it was comfortable and nicely furnished, it wasn't very big. There were only two bedrooms. David was sleeping in the master which had its own private bathroom. Julie was staying in the one she referred to as the "spare". It was across the hall from the master. The spare didn't have its own bathroom so Julie was going to have to use the guest bathroom at the far end of the hall.

Julie had removed her shoes. Except for being barefoot, she was still wearing her traveling clothes when she came out of her bedroom and headed for the bathroom. David watched her as she walked down the hall. He continued his reading as he heard the sound of the shower running. His mind, however, wasn't focused on the book.

David was thinking that he didn't have much to complain about regarding his wife's wandering interests. He was thinking erotic thoughts about Julie's naked body in the shower. As the sound of it stopped, he imagined her stepping out, dripping wet, grabbing a towel and rubbing it all over her tantalizing body. He was sure she needed help and he wanted to give it to her. As he was fantasizing about what it would be like to be in there with her, the bathroom door opened and Julie came down the hall toward him.

She was wearing a towel and carrying her clothes. She had towel dried her hair but it was still damp and matted. The towel was knotted at the top, near her left armpit. It was barely big enough to cover her. The top of the towel was just above her bust line, leaving her shoulders and most of her chest bare. Even though the towel did a pretty good job of squishing her breasts, there was still a hint of cleavage at the top. The bottom of the towel just reached the tops of her thighs, leaving her legs totally exposed. Julie had noticed that David put down his book to watch her and she liked what she was doing to him. She loved teasing men, especially if they were a little older and married.

David thought her legs were even more beautiful than he had imagined from the jeans. The towel wasn't knotted at the bottom and he was mesmerized by a delightful gap up her left side, almost to her armpit. As she walked up the hall he kept hoping for a quick peak as the towel bounced around on her bare skin. Julie stopped at the door to her bedroom to give David one last look, and very suggestively, (at least in David's mind), wished him pleasant dreams. She went into her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

David thought a little about why he was there. His wife had cheated on him, at least in his way of thinking, and he was pissed. He had gone into work and told John that he was getting a divorce. John had convinced him to spend a week in Santa Fe thinking about it. David wasn't sure whether or not it was revenge he was looking for, but he had decided who he wanted it to be with, if it came to that. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on his mood at the time, Julie was engaged and hadn't yet shown any real interest in him. David went back to reading his book.

David read for a couple of more hours before finally giving up and going to bed. It was after one in the morning when he finally got to sleep. When he awoke the next morning, it was around ten. He was already thinking about Julie. He hoped she would stick around today. He took a shower and washed his hair before putting on some shorts and a t-shirt. Julie's bedroom door was open and unfortunately it looked to David as if she had already gone for the day. He dejectedly went to the kitchen to fix some breakfast.

The kitchen overlooked the pool in the backyard. As David was fixing breakfast, he noticed Julie swimming. His spirits picked up. She hadn't left after all. When he sat down at the kitchen table he had a view of the pool through the sliding glass doors. He couldn't see much of her when she was actually in the pool but she kept climbing out of it and going to the diving board. David drooled over her magnificent form, and today, even more of it was showing than last night in the towel. She was wearing a bikini, the full kind, not string type, but it still showed her off nicely. As she stood on the end of the diving board, he was getting a profile view of her with her arms stretched over her head - long legs, a sensuous butt, flat stomach, perky breasts, gorgeous tan and all of it only slightly covered by a blue and white bikini.

David was no Olympic diving judge but he knew what looked good. When she dove, her arms were straight out in front of her, her back was arched ever so slightly, her legs stayed straight and together and she entered the water with barely a ripple. It was poetry in motion. If David had been the judge, Julie would have gotten all the medals. The only time he could actually eat his breakfast was when she was in the pool where he couldn't see her.

Finally, she got out of the pool, went to a nearby recliner, spread it out flat and lay face down. She hoped David was watching. She reached behind her and undid the back of her bikini strap, letting it drop down the sides of the recliner. After about 30 minutes she raised up on her elbows and looked toward the house. The pool was on the East side of the house and the morning sun reflecting off the windows of the house made it impossible for her to see in the house. Julie wanted to tease, but she didn't want to be too obvious about it. She didn't care if David saw her, she just didn't want him to think she had done it deliberately. She was going to have to take her chances and hope he wasn't looking right now. She turned over on her back.

But David was watching all of it. This was too good. If she wanted to show off then by God he was going to get a good look. (He didn't realize that the reflection was blinding her.) He grabbed his book and headed out of the house to the pool deck. As he headed toward her she spotted him and in mock modesty put her arms across her breasts. He sat down in the recliner next to her, which very conveniently, happened to be facing in the opposite direction, looking straight at her. She lay there for a while with her arms covering her breasts and stared at him. This was a bit more than she had expected. On the other hand, she'd been to a nude beach once, so this wasn't really all that daring. Finally she removed her arms and adjusted the back of the recliner to an upright position.

By this time, David was reading his book and trying to pretend that he wasn't even noticing her near nakedness. But Julie knew better. She looked toward his crotch and noticed that his hardened dick had already made a sizable tent in his shorts. She took the bikini top from behind her, taunting him by saying, "It seems that we're both enjoying ourselves." She dropped her top on the pool deck.

The charade was over. David guessed that it was okay to be a little more obvious about looking at her tits. At least it appeared that she had given him permission. He sure wasn't getting anything out of his book. He had read the same paragraph now at least four times and still didn't know what it said.

With the pretense over and David putting his book down, Julie wanted to talk. She said, "Last night you told me you were here because you were upset with your wife. Do you want to talk about it?" David pondered her question as his eyes continued to gaze lustily at her chest.

Julie's breasts were even more beautiful than David had imagined. He had guessed the size right, probably a full B cup. They were firm and didn't sag at all. The nipples were just pink bumps on otherwise perfect globes, set against half-dollar size areas just slightly darker than her tan. She liked being topless and was beginning to enjoy having David study her breasts, but her nipples showed no signs of excitement. David wanted to suck on them and feel the nipples harden.

David tore his thoughts away from what it would be like to have those delectable orbs in his mouth and told her, "My wife was on a business trip Monday and Tuesday. When she got home Tuesday night, she told me she had spent Monday night sleeping with some guy she met on the trip. I was furious. When I went into work on Wednesday I told John about it and said I was going to get a divorce. He suggested that I come up here to his house in Santa Fe and think about it before doing anything hasty. But I still haven't changed my mind."

Julie looked down and lightly touched her breasts, deep in thought, but about what, David wasn't sure. He hoped she wasn't going to put the top back on. Julie sensed his anxiety, dropped her hands to her sides and looked straight at him. She could tell he was enjoying the view but she shook him out of it a little by saying, "Do you love her?"

It was hard for David to think about his wife under the circumstances, her having been unfaithful to him and Julie sitting across from him nearly naked, but he managed to get out a sheepish, "Yes." In spite of the lustful thoughts he was having about Julie, David knew that he was truly in love with his wife. "We've been married for over fifteen years, we have a son who has just become a teenager and we've always been faithful to each other. Why did she have to ruin it? Why did she need someone else?"

Julie said, "You know, love and sex are not the same thing. When you love someone, sex is usually a part of it, but when you have sex with someone, it doesn't mean you have to be in love. You might be doing it just to have fun. You don't have to be in love with someone to have fun with them."

David thought, "Philosophy from a college student? What did she know about sex and love?" He wanted to end the conversation and even though he knew it would probably be the end of the nudity, he suggested that they go inside and fix some lunch. He was right about the end of the show. Julie put her top back on and quietly followed him into the house. They fixed and ate soup and sandwiches without discussing anything other than the food. Afterward, Julie went into her room to take a nap and David resumed his reading.

A couple of hours later Julie came out of her room and headed down the hall to the bathroom. She was wearing the towel again but this time she was showing the backside to David. Her ass was so tight it barely jiggled. The towel swooped outward from her waist to the apex of her butt and then dropped off sharply, ending just at the bottom of her cheeks.

Below the towel were two of the most shapely legs that David had ever seen. And just under the edge of the towel? It would have been hard for him to imagine a sexier sight. David's jaw opened and he dropped his book. He had lost all interest in reading. He turned on a television sports show to occupy his thoughts while he waited anxiously for Julie to come out of the bathroom.

Julie knew that a sure way of getting a man's attention was by wrapping her naked body in a skimpy white towel. She wasn't trying to get David in bed but her ego demanded that she have his attention. When she had dried off after finishing her shower, she exited the bathroom, once again adorned only in that towel, but now it was damp and it clung to her skin.

Even though David had already seen her wearing a lot less, there was something about the way she looked in that towel that caused his cock to come to attention as he watched her walk up the hall toward him. But then she didn't go into her room! David thought he had died and gone to heaven when she walked into the living-room, right past his chair and lay down on the couch only a few feet away from him.

Julie getting situated on the couch in that damp towel was a show worthy of an academy award. Her movements kept exposing lots of bare skin but she used her hands adroitly to keep from revealing more than she wanted. The couch was angled perpendicularly to the chair that David was sitting in and as she laid down with her head away from him, David thought he was looking under the towel and between her legs. He wasn't really seeing anything, at least Julie didn't think he could, but if tongues got hard, his did.

Julie tired of keeping herself reasonably decent with the towel and covered herself with a comforter that had been on the back of the couch, blocking David's view of all but the lower part of her legs. She wasn't ready to quit teasing yet, she just needed to do it in a different way. Under the comforter she removed the towel and tossed it on the floor. With her being naked under the comforter, David's attention did not wane. His erection had not subsided in the least, it might have even gotten a little more rigid. Julie looked over, seeing the bulge in his shorts and knowingly said, "I guess you're not going to mind if I watch television with you for a while."

No, David certainly wasn't going to object. At this point he probably would have paid her to stay. Watching Julie was way better than anything on television. Julie pretended to be watching the television but she was having more fun with her little game. She kept sneaking peaks at him to make sure he was still looking, then she would rearrange her position on the couch and flash a little skin, just enough to maintain his interest.

After they had been "watching television" for a while, David mentioned that he was going in town for dinner that night and asked Julie if she wanted to join him. Julie thought, "yeah, and I'm going to keep right on fucking with your mind. I might even be able to get you to take me dancing. That would be a real kick." They settled on seven o'clock for departure.

Julie thought she'd probably teased poor David enough, at least for now. She got up from the couch and went to her room with the comforter securely wrapped around her. David was quite disappointed that she didn't leave it on the couch, and Julie had considered it, but that would have been a bit too much. After all, he had already seen most of her, just not all at one time.

When she came out for dinner, Julie was wearing a short, cottony, silver-white dress that she had chosen because it did such a nice job of showing off her body. It was cut like a tank top, but it was long enough to qualify as a dress. It was scooped low in the neckline, with a couple of tiny straps going over her shoulders. When Julie had bought the dress, it had a built-in bra, but she had taken that out. The dress was made of pretty thin material and it was clear that she was braless. The dress fit her snuggly, all over, and made her panties slightly visible. She wasn't wearing any hose and her one inch white platforms were held in place by several thin straps.

Julie thought that David was tastefully dressed for a man of his age. He had on a white pullover shirt with a knit collar and loose fitting gaberdeen trousers. He wore black slipon loafers without any socks. Julie wondered about the sockless thing but figured it had probably been fashionable a few years back. Overall she thought, he looked pretty good for an older guy and she liked the way he was looking her over. She was definitely wearing something he liked or maybe it was what she wasn't wearing that he liked. Either way she liked his attention.

David opened the passenger door of his truck for her. Julie made a good show of displaying her legs to him as she got in. As David closed her door and went around to his, Julie slid forward until the hem of her dress had risen up to the top of her thighs. Maybe her teasing had started as an ego thing but she was beginning to enjoy David's appreciative glances. She didn't want him to have a wreck but she didn't mind keeping him thinking about her either.

When David got in the other side, the interior light illuminated Julie's contrived display of flesh. He had trouble tearing his eyes away from her legs but as he looked up at Julie's face, he could see just a hint of a smile on her lips. David was sure that this was going to be an interesting night.

On the drive into town, even though it had been dark after he closed his door, Julie had noticed that David looked over at her exposed legs every chance he got. The lustful way he looked at her had been having a very warming effect on her and she was anxious to keep it going. When they got to the restaurant, all of the tables were taken. They were shown to a booth. Julie slid in on one side, all the way next to the wall, as a signal to David that he should sit with her on that side. He did as she hoped.

After they got situated in the booth, she slid forward, again exposing most of her thighs. The hemline of her dress just barely concealed her panties. The table cloth obscured most of her lower legs but it was far enough away from them so that she was providing David with a nice view. He couldn't help but notice and as they were having their pre-dinner drinks and salads, he took many opportunities to feast his eyes on her bare legs.

For her main course, Julie had ordered linguine and shrimp. She deliberately made the eating of it a sensual act. She would take a forkful of linguine into her mouth, then slowly turn the fork over before finally taking it out. She would then use her fingers to push the remaining strands of linguine between her lips, sucking on her fingers as she did so. She would look over at David as she was doing this, gaging his reaction. David was having a tough time eating his own meal.

Things had calmed down a bit by the time the desert came. Julie had pushed her skirt down and she had finally left David alone long enough for him to finish his steak.

As they were eating their desert, Julie again brought up David's marital predicament, "You know, I think you're being a little harsh on your wife. My fiance, George, and I met while I was screwing his roommate Peter. I had been seeing Peter for some time, nothing serious, but we were sleeping together every now and then."

As if it were a question, Julie said, "You know I like to tease."

David nodded his head and thought, "Yes, I have noticed."

Julie continued, "I used to walk around their apartment when George was there with a just a towel or night shirt on. One time Peter and I got a little carried away and almost did it front of George. We were in the living room and I was down to my panties and a t-shirt before Peter took me into the bedroom. I was sort of disappointed. I think it would have been pretty hot to have fucked Peter with George watching."

David thought, "Oh sweet Jesus, what next?"

Julie could tell she'd said too much. She continued talking, but tried to shift gears somewhat, "George was paying me more attention than Peter, and he was a lot nicer to me. He asked me out one night when Peter was busy. With George, it was more than just sex. We really liked being with each other. One thing led to another and eventually I stopped seeing Peter."

Julie quipped, "I know that's probably all kinda boring."

David didn't really think so but he wasn't going to tell her how hot the part about her sex life had made him.

Julie went on, "What is important is what happened to George and I after that. George asked me to marry him and I knew he was the man I wanted, so I said yes. On another occasion, he asked me if I would have married Peter and I assured him that could not have happened. He asked me if I had ever loved Peter and I told him no way. So then he wanted to know why I had been sleeping with Peter when I didn't love him. I told him it was because Peter was fun and he was good in bed, but that didn't mean I loved him or wanted to marry him. George told me that he never wanted me to stop enjoying myself and that as long as I still loved him, what I did for fun was up to me."

"Do you like to go out for dinner?" Julie asked.

David was relieved at the switch in topics although he didn't understand why she had done it. He answered, "Of course. At least once a week."

And immediately Julie said, "Does your wife like to cook? Is she a good cook?"

Now David thought he knew where she was going. He responded, "Actually we both love to cook and we're pretty good at it, but we eat out at least once a week because we don't want to cook all the time at home and we like the variety. And next you're going to ask me if we can eat out and still love each other. Of course we can. So what's wrong with a little sex away from home. Could she try someone different without me and still love me? Yes, I guess so. Is that what you were trying to tell me?"

"Yes." she said, "Think about it."

David thought that there was probably some validity to her line of reasoning. He would have to think about it. They finished up and left the restaurant.

On the way home they passed a night club and Julie wanted to go in. She had originally planned to get David dancing and torment him a little more. Now she wasn't so sure about that idea, but she wanted to go in anyway. David was a bit skittish about the idea but he agreed that they could go in for a couple of drinks. He just didn't want to stay too long. As soon as they got seated, a guy, about the same age as Julie, started toward the table. Julie said, "He's not really my type - a little short and kinda geeky looking - but if he asks, I'm going to dance with him. I really do want to dance and I figure you're not going to ask me."

David looked around the club. It looked like he was the oldest one there. When the guy got to the table, he asked David if he could dance with his daughter. That hurt. It made David feel a lot older than he really was. David wasn't about to waste time with this jerk, giving him the whole story, so he told him that Julie was his date and that it was up to her who she danced with. David hoped that Julie would turn him down. Julie felt bad for David but she was happy that he had introduced her as his date. She wanted to eliminate any further embarrassment so she stood up and led the guy to the dance floor.

It was a fast dance and Julie twirled and shook her body, mostly her tits and ass, and tried to attract the male attention in the place. With Julie's looks and the dress she was wearing, that was easy. Most of the men in the place were watching her by the time the song ended. She left her partner standing on the dance floor and walked back to the table alone.

Julie said, "He was too easy. He had a hard-on as soon as we got out there. I just rubbed up against him a couple of times but I could feel it. Besides, I don't like the way he treated you. You're a lot younger than my father." Julie took David's arm, like he really was her date, and whispered in his ear, "Now you see that guy out there dancing with the girl with big tits? He's the one I want. He was watching me when I was dancing. I know he's interested. Come on and dance with me. We'll give him something to think about."

It was a slow dance and David knew that he was in for some of Julie's sexy mischief. He really wanted that body of hers up against him but he wasn't sure he could control himself. He was getting an erection just thinking about it. He took her hand and led her to the dance floor. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they started a slow grind. She said, "You're really easy. You're already hard." She rubbed her leg between his, making him even harder. She straddled one of his legs and rubbed herself on it. She put her mouth to his ear and whispered, "Put your hands on my butt. I want to give that guy a good show."

David really did want to grab hold of her ass, but not for the benefit of the other guy. Julie had been tantalizing him with that behind of hers since she showed up last night. He thought, "Well she did ask. I probably won't get another opportunity like this. I might just as well enjoy it." He lowered his hands to her ass. He gripped her, he squeezed her, he ran his hands all over her backside. He was getting really turned on. At this point he probably would have done anything she asked.

David wasn't the only one enjoying the dance. Julie liked rubbing against him and she liked having his hands roam all over her backside. Yes, she was trying to attract that other guy's attention, but she kind of liked the feel of David right now. Julie thought, "If he makes love the way he dances, then he's good. But it can't happen. This has gone too far." Before the song had ended, Julie led a disappointed David off the dance floor and back to the table.

Julie didn't sit down. Her special guy's eyes were still watching her. She took a quick swig of her drink, grabbed her purse and headed for the ladies' room. She wasn't gone long and came back just as the song was ending. David knew that she wasn't wearing a bra, but now her nipples were really standing out from her dress, a lot more than they had been earlier. He quipped, "Wow, I didn't know I was that good."

She smiled at his remark, then explained, "Well it is partly you, but when I went to the bathroom, I had an ice-cube in my mouth. I rubbed it on my nipples until they got even harder. And I took my panties off." She looked down at his tented pants and said, "I guess you like that, huh?"

The song had ended and Julie's target had taken his dance partner back to her own table and headed alone for Julie. As he got there, before he could say anything, Julie stood up and took him back to the dance floor. The band had already started a new number and Julie didn't want to take a chance on getting David insulted again.

It was up-tempo with a driving beat. Julie wiggled her ass and shook her tits. She looked between her partner's legs to see the effect she was having on him, but she wasn't detecting any reaction. Every chance she got she would brush her tits across his arm and let his fingers run across her nipples. When they would come together she would rub a leg between his, but she couldn't feel him either. The equipment was there, it just wasn't reacting to her like she wanted.

The band switched into a slower song. David thought she'd been pretty hot dancing with him but that was nothing compared to the way she danced with this guy. She was kissing him, the wet sloppy kind with her tongue deep in his mouth. She was rubbing her tits across his chest, her nipples still hard and probably getting harder. She was encouraging his hands to wander all over her body. David was sure her partner knew by now that she wasn't wearing any panties. This was the hottest thing that David had ever seen on the dance floor, or maybe he felt that way because he wanted to be her partner.

Julie's dance partner was really very good looking, probably a couple of years older than she, and he was used to having hot bodies rubbed up against him. He'd been watching her since she came in and was already thinking about having her pouty lips wrapped around his cock. He'd been a little slow in reacting physically to her charms until he slipped his hand under her dress and felt her bare ass. Now Julie could feel his meat hardening against her and she loved it. Maybe it had taken two songs but she was sure he was going to be worth it. The song ended finally.

Julie dragged her dance partner over to their table and sat him down next to her. Her dress was already short but when she sat down in the booth, there wasn't much left to the imagination. She was holding his hand as they came from the dance floor and as they sat down she put it on her bare thigh.

The three of them got acquainted. David was no longer Julie's "date". He had become, once again, "a man who worked for Julie's step-father". Julie's hunk was named Paul. He was a bartender in another club but this was his night off. As they talked, David glanced down a couple of times. Paul's hand was still on Julie's thigh, but it was a little higher each time David looked. Julie suggested they all go back to the house, fix themselves some drinks and continue the conversation in the hot tub. David thought they better get out of there while Paul's hand was still visible and Paul was definitely okay with leaving. David settled the tab and they went out.

Julie rode with Paul, supposedly so he wouldn't get lost. David drove back to the house alone, imagining what was going on in Paul's car. Surprisingly, Julie and Paul were right behind him when he got there. Paul asked David if he had an extra swim suit he could borrow. He didn't, but before he could answer, Julie said they had plenty of towels and that was all they would need. Julie got Paul a towel and said he could change in the courtyard next to the hot tub. David went to his room, stripped down and wrapped a towel around his waist. When Julie came out of her room, she was wearing a large beach towel, tied together at the top, just above her breasts. The overlap of the towel was right down her middle and the towel reached almost to her knees. David was shocked that she was really going to be so modest.

Julie and David stopped in the kitchen to make the drinks. In the courtyard she handed Paul his drink and then climbed into the tub. The only light was from the kitchen but David could tell that as she got in she gave Paul a quick look between her legs. David set his drink on the edge and climbed in. Taking the only seat left in the tub put Paul and David on either side of Julie.

Paul and Julie almost immediately started kissing. Then they added a little discreet touching here and there. Finally, lust overcame them. Their hands rapidly explored each other's body. Julie climbed onto Paul's lap and straddled him. Their most intimate parts were still separated by their towels, but that wasn't going to last much longer.

David had been quietly watching them but it was getting increasingly difficult for him to keep his hands from between his legs. This was getting hotter by the second, but David didn't like being odd man out. In his almost forty years he had never done anything like this, but if he had thought they wanted him to become a part of it, he would have stayed. He didn't think that either of them even knew he was there. To keep from embarrassing himself, he got out of the tub and went to his room. He took off the wet towel, willed himself gradually back to normal, put on his pajama bottoms and went into the living room to watch television.

Shortly after, he heard Paul's car leaving and Julie came in the house with a somewhat disgusted look on her face. David asked her what had happened and she said, "He's too full of himself. He didn't care anything about me, it was all about him. He's a loser, probably doesn't even know how much he missed." She was wrapped securely in her towel and went straight to her room.

It was close to eleven and the credits were just rolling from the last regular show. The news would be next and then the late night talk shows. Nothing of importance had happened that day and the news was pretty boring. David wondered why they called it news when all they did was talk about the same old stuff. David watched anyway and by the time the news people got to the sports, Julie came out of her room. David looked up and saw that she had removed all traces of makeup and had pinned her shoulder-length hair up on the back of her head.

Julie was wearing a faded blue, man's dress shirt. David thought, "At least its longer than the dress she was wearing earlier tonight." It was large and hung down to about mid-thigh. Being a man's shirt, it was high on the sides, and David was once again taken in by the sight of her fantastic legs. The shirt buttoned up the front, separating a little at the bottom as she walked into the room, and although David tried, he couldn't see anything other than her glorious legs. In spite of the way she had ignored him while Paul was around, he still had visions of being between those beautiful stems.

Julie knew that she had attracted David's attention, but to be doubly sure, she stopped in the middle of the living room, between him and the television, forcing him to look at her. She asked if she could watch television with him. David shrugged his shoulders. He pretended that he didn't really care. He was convinced that nothing was going to happen between them and he had had all of her teasing that he could take. He was going to go to bed pretty soon anyway. At least thats what he was telling himself.

Julie lay face down on the floor between David and the television. She wanted to make sure that, even while he was watching television, David would have a good view of her. The tail of her shirt covered her ass and the tops of her thighs, but her bare legs were stretched out in the direction of David's face. He couldn't tell whether or not she was wearing panties, but from what he had seen so far, he guessed that she wasn't.

David had been interested in the sports but now all he could think about was Julie. Fortunately for him, his pajama bottoms were the draw-string type. They didn't have an opening in the front. Watching Julie was making David hard again and if there had been an opening in his pants, his cock would probably have been sticking out. As it was, the front was tenting out quite a bit. David thought, "Its a good thing I'm lying on my side. It keeps me from being too obvious."

Julie had her chin resting on her hands in front of her. As the talk show came on she bent her legs at the knees and raised her feet in the air. She was swaying her legs from side to side in time to the music. It wasn't just her legs, her whole body was moving, almost as if she was dancing. David's erection grew as he remembered rubbing his hands over her backside as they had danced earlier in the evening. He had wanted her then and he wanted her even more now.

Julie knew her next move was going to look pretty obvious, but she couldn't think of any way to be more subtle. She sat up and turned around, giving David a quick peak between her legs. She said, "This floor is really uncomfortable. Do you mind if I lay with you on the couch? I won't take up much room."

After the comments she had already made that night, David was pretty sure his hard-on wasn't going to bother her. He suspected that she'd probably like knowing that she had him excited. He told her she could do what she wanted. He assured her that it wasn't going to bother him any. David lied of course. At least at this moment, he couldn't think of anything he could have wanted more than to have Julie's tight body pressed up against his.

David pushed himself back a little on the couch to make room for her. Julie stretched out in front of him, her back to him, the top of her head just in front of his neck. They both smelled clean. The perfume and cologne that each had worn earlier had been washed away by the hot tub and replaced with a faint trace of chlorine. Julie was shorter than David so her backside was about even with his crotch. He pushed his butt a little further into the back of the couch so she wouldn't feel his erection. He draped his arm over Julie's midsection and rested his hand on the couch in front of her. They remained like that until his arm started to tingle. It was almost asleep.

David moved his arm a little and rested his hand on Julie's stomach. He didn't think she'd mind but she drew back, like she was trying to escape his touch. But Julie wasn't trying to get away, she pressed back into his erect cock. David got even harder and she sighed at the feel of it. His hand was now moving a little, gently rubbing the flatness of her stomach through her night shirt. His fingertips were just touching the shirt, moving in ever widening circles. David's fingers grazed the bottoms of her breasts and she squirmed, pressing herself even more into his manhood. David's cock was really straining at the leash. He wanted to be inside her.

David's hand kept making larger circles until it was brushing Julie's nipples. Through the shirt he could feel the tips of her breasts getting harder each time he touched them. As his hand circled down around her abdomen, Julie reached for the top button of her shirt and undid it. Then she slid her hand down to the next button, the one between her breasts, and slowly unbuttoned it. David's hand was near her belly button. He undid the button there and slid his hand inside on her smooth skin. He rested it there, gently massaging her stomach.

Julie was shaking as she continued down the front, unfastening each of the buttons in turn. When her hand reached his, there were only two buttons to go. Julie took David's hand in hers and rubbed it across her belly, along the bottom of her breasts and finally across her nipples. She moved his hand back and forth, first one breast, then the other. As she guided him, he squeezed her nipples and rolled them gently between his thumb and forefinger. They were like erasers on new pencils. They were firm but they still yielded to the touch. Julie moaned softly in response.

They were still pretending to watch television, although neither of them could have told you what was on. While his hand was toying with her nipples, she hurriedly undid the last two buttons. She opened the shirt, exposing her front side fully. While he continued to pleasure the two of them by massaging her breasts, she pulled the shirt from between them. Then she pulled her arms out of the shirt and dropped it on the floor. His pajamas were the only piece of clothing that still separated them. Julie pressed her bare backside into the front of David. Over the last twenty-four hours she had been exposing different parts of herself to him, never expecting that it would go this far. Now she was completely naked and pressed up against him.

With the arm that had been trapped between them, David reached under and around the front of her. He cupped both of Julie's breasts in his hands, playing sensuously with her nipples. She leaned her head back into his chest and closed her eyes. David had been imagining this scene, but he never expected that it would really happen.

Julie took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as David moved his free hand down across her stomach and lightly brushed her cleanly shaven mound. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her backside and hear his heavy breathing as his fingertips traced the tender skin that protected her most sensitive parts. He put his fingers into his mouth for lubrication before continuing. He stroked that delicate area until he had found the nub of her clitoris. He let his fingertips slide gently over it, stimulating, but not hurting her.

Julie was breathing hard. She put her free hand down between them. She pushed the waistband of David's pajamas down until his cock sprang free. She took it in her hand and put it between her legs, right against the bottom of her pussy.

David's hand inched lower until it met the dampness of her pussy lips. He rubbed her labia with his fingers. Julie opened her legs, urgently trying to get his hand inside of her. She put her hand on his and pressed him into her. As David's fingers slid in, she clenched her legs together and let out a little scream. Julie's knees jerked upward and most of her slid off the couch. Her head and shoulders were resting on the floor while her butt was still on the couch. Julie had nearly broken David's arm. He rearranged it as she slid her legs up his body, one of them right under his chin, the other laying across his stomach.

David ducked his head under Julie's nearest leg and moved his face toward the vee between her legs. He wanted to lick his way up the insides of her thighs but there was no time now for such niceties. He plunged his face into her dripping pussy, making raucous slurping sounds as he licked up all the juices. He ran his tongue up and down her lips, savoring the slightly salty taste and musky aroma of her hot sex. Julie moaned in delight.

David's tongue parted her lips and he pushed it as far as he could into her pussy. Julie clamped her legs around his neck and pulled him tightly into her. David's eyes devoured her delectable naked body, his tongue circled the insides of her pussy, his lips pressed against hers, and the tip of his nose gently nudged her clitoris. He inhaled deeply, intoxicated by the heady aroma and told himself this couldn't be happening.

Julie began to quiver. She cried out. Her hips were shaking and she clamped her legs around his neck even tighter. David thought he was going to smother. Julie murmured incoherently and pressed herself tightly into his face as she twitched in delight. He gripped her ass and drank her in as if he had just survived thirty days in the desert.

Julie reveled in the orgasm she had just had as David lightly licked on the insides of her thighs and drank lovingly of the juices that were still flowing out of her. She wanted more but needed time to allow her normal senses to return. Julie inhaled and exhaled deeply as waves of ecstasy coursed through her body. She was delighted that David seemed to understood her. She wanted his touch, but right now she needed the gentleness she was getting.

David wanted more too. His cock was still rigid and leaking precum onto the sofa. He ached for relief and wanted to bury himself inside of her. He looked down at himself and realized comically that he was still wearing his pajamas around his hips. While continuing to run his tongue lovingly over Julie's inner thighs and lick gently at her pussy lips, he pushed his pajama bottoms down to his ankles and kicked them off.

David took Julies legs from around his neck and gently pushed her the rest of the way to the floor. He dragged his now naked body off the couch and lay by her side. He put his arms around her and kissed her tenderly.

Julie could taste herself on his lips. She was regaining her strength and wanted to continue. She reached down and wrapped her hand around David's cock. She could feel it throbbing. She wanted it inside of her. She rolled away from David, coming up on her hands and knees, and drew David to her.

David also got up on his hands and knees and knelt between Julie's legs. Steadying himself with one hand on her backside, he took his dick in his other hand and put it between her legs. With the head of his cock he searched for the entrance to her inner sanctum. Finding it, he parted her pussy lips with his fingers and pressed himself into her.

Julie gasped a little as she felt David's shaft enter. She was still sensitive but her fluids were like a high viscosity lubricant, allowing his cock to slip into her effortlessly. Julie wanted to feel the whole length of David's manhood and she pushed back until his balls pressed against her. David leaned over her and wrapped his arms around her. Julie caught her breath as David cupped her breasts.

The walls of Julie's insides were wrapped around David's throbbing member and all other thoughts were blocked from his mind as he slowly began to slide in and out of her. Julie moved against him, in rhythm with his own thrusts, as David experienced the delights he had been dreaming about.

Their pace gradually increased, providing each with more delirious sensations. David's mouth was open and with each thrust he let out a low guttural sound. Julie's breaths were getting shorter, her pace of breathing matching the movement of their bodies. As David repeatedly plunged into her, she punctuated the sound of David's balls slapping against her with a cry of delight.

The intensity of their movements increased and David's scrotum tightened as he began to experience his orgasm. Julie felt his hot sperm shooting into her. She could sense that her release was near as well. She clenched her muscles tightly, moaned and shook uncontrollably as David drained his seed into her. Their legs were rubbery and they collapsed together on the floor side by side, Julie still with her back to David. She tried to keep David inside of her but as he became flaccid he popped out. The two of them lay there, completely spent, David's hands still grasping Julie's breasts.

The television was still on, but neither of them had paid it any attention since they'd gotten on the couch together. Julie broke the silence between them, "That was fabulous. George is going to die when he hears about this."

David's eyes went wide. It was as if he had been hit by a baseball bat. When he had regained his composure, he stammered, "You're going to tell your fiance about this?"

"Of course." she said. "He'll love it. And if I wait until he's got his head between my legs, I'll love it too. It will make both of so hot that the lovemaking will be unbelievable. Maybe, if he pays close attention, it'll be as good as this was."

They untangled and struggled up from the floor. Both of them were still naked and Julie hugged him and kissed him lightly on the lips. She said, "Thanks." and walked out of the living room, down the hall to her room.

David was in a daze. He picked up his pajama bottoms and looked at Julie's shirt lying in a heap on the floor. He turned off the television and headed for his room. He had a lot to think about.

When David awoke the next morning, before he got out of bed, he called his wife. He told her that he was coming home.

His wife said hopefully, "Forgive me? I'll never do it again."

"You don't have to be forgiven. You didn't do anything wrong. I was the one who was wrong to think you had. Promise me instead, that you'll always do whatever makes you happy at the moment. Just keep on loving me. Thats all I ask."

"David, are you okay? This doesn't sound like you. Of course I'll keep loving you. I'd still love you even if you divorced me."

"I know that. Yes, I'm okay. I don't want a divorce. I want you. I've just learned a very valuable lesson. I hope that when I get home you'll tell me all about your trip. And if you want to hear about it, I'll tell you all about mine. I love you. I'll be home by dark."

His wife wished him a safe trip. David hung up the phone and got dressed. He walked through the living room. Julie had picked up her night shirt and cleaned off the sofa. In the kitchen he found a note from her.

"David, I had a lot of fun sharing the house with you. I've gone back to Albuquerque. Maybe we'll see each other again some time. Thanks for everything. Julie."

Except for the note, there wasn't a single trace that Julie had ever been there. Maybe he had dreamed it. He carried his bag out of the house and locked the door behind him. He was headed home. He couldn't wait to see his wife.